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I'm Kristin

I'm a Digital Consultant, Entrepreneur and change agent with 15+ years leading and executing cross-channel digital engagements, customer-first experiences for Canadian companies including CIBC Wealth MgmtManulife, Rogers + TD Wealth Mgmt.


I'm also Founder of Hubster, 3 Keys Healing Art, Melangerie and Partner, Sprout Growers.


I come to the table with a holistic POV, connecting the dots between CX design, digital marketing and data to deliver cross-channel strategies, holistic stories and experiences that drive traffic and convert browsers into buyers, thinkers into readers and readers into subscribers; uncovering pain-points along the way, helping clients and stakeholders achieve their goals, increase ROI, boost customer advocacy and reduce spend (but not in any particular order)...


Partner + Digital Consultant

2020 - Current

Partner + Digital Consultant.

Digital Consultant

2016 - Current

Digital Consultant specializing in making things happen, which typically includes Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics + Insights, UX/UI Design.

Founder, 3 Keys Healing Art

2016 - Current

  • I paint symbols called Keys that transform hidden emotional blocks and issues when meditated upon for 3 minutes each.

  • Web Design, Digital Strategy, Marketing/Web Copy, Original Concept, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Copy, Logo, eCommerce, SEO

  • WIX platform

Senior Manager, Digital Strategic Initiatives, Digital Wealth Management

Oct 2018 – Apr 2019

Oversaw the transformation and growth of the Wealth digital channel.

  • Co-lead new vision for CIBC Wealth Advice Centre optimizing advice-based content spread across various web sites under the CIBC Wealth brand. Delivered a strategic proposal with our recommendations and a 3-year road map ​with​ KPIs tied to business goals. Phase 1 of the portal was successfully launched in 2019

  • Launched Women and Wealth page; collaborated with marketing and eCom team to deliver new portal that provided guidance targeted toward Women about Wealth

  • Launched new Commercial banking portal

Founder, Managing Director, Melangerie

2017 - 2018

Melangerie was a consciously curated collection of handmade healing jewelry, meditation malas and boho bling.​ 

  • Marketing/Web Copy, Web Design, Digital Strategy, Original Concept, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Copy, Logo, eCommerce, SEO

  • Shopify eCommerce platform

Digital Channel Strategy Manager, Investments, Manulife

Dec 2013 – Feb 2016

Create, plan and execute digital strategies across multiple platforms including web, mobile and social to meet marketing and business goals in the investment channel.​


Founder, Hubster

Feb 2011 - Sep 2013

Hubster is an eCommerce platform that makes it easy for women to buy, sell + swap their services online

  • UX design, original concept, web strategy, workflow, branding/logo, web copy, market research, business + financial planning, marketing, Wordpress, social media marketing

Manager Web Strategy, B2B, Rogers

Feb - Sep 2010

  • Defined new strategy for Rogers business portal, delivering a high level Roadmap (budget $3.5M)

    • Lead team meetings gathering requirements from stakeholders + product owners

    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams; worked within an Agile framework

    • Conducted research and delivered competitive analysis

    • Lead team meetings gathering requirements from stakeholders + product owners

    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams; worked within an Agile framework

  • Managed digital marketing initiatives for iPad, iPhone4 + Live Agent

Senior Analyst, Channel Analytics, TD Wealth

May 2007- Apr 2008

Member of TD Wealth Web Strategy group, hired to redesign public site and brokerage site WebBroker.



eBusiness Solutions Consultant Lead + UX/UI Designer, CCH Canadian

Oct 2002 - Dec 2006

Lead Web Designer for 2 years. Promoted to eBusiness Solutions Consultant.



Artistic Coordinator, Walt Disney Animation Canada

1997 - 1999

Production Development : Peter Pan in Return to Never Land + Hercules II

  • Created Model Sheets for production

  • Coordinated weekly team design meetings for Art Dept. including Layout, Character Design, Background, Animation, 3D Animation + Props

  • R + D for story development

  • Assisted Art Director in creation of digital colour ways for background keys

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skills + strengths

Digital Strategy


Digital Marketing

Web Analytics

Lead Gen

Social Media Marketing

Customer Experience

UX / UI Design

Content Audit / Creation

Copywriting / Editing / Proofing

Sales Funnels

Team Leadership

Market Research

Competitive Analysis


Proposals / Presentations

Project Management



Change Agent

Problem Solver

Big picture thinker

Needs Assessment


Goal Planning



Sales Person

Decision Maker

Thought Leader

Business Acumen

Excellent Communicator 

Exceptional Writer

Office 365

Google Docs

Adobe Photoshop

Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics

Instagram / Facebook Ads


Adobe Spark


Click Funnels






IOS / Windows

Agile / Waterfall

Irina Briand 

Senior Digital Analytics Consultant

Government of Canada



Marie Forleo Int'l